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Natural anti-acne mask

Prirodne maske protiv bubuljica

Natural anti-acne mask

Osobe koje imaju problematičnu kožu zbog bubuljica u neprestanoj su potrazi za proizvodima koji mogu ublažiti njihove simptome ili da prekriju neugodne crvene mrlje. Osim što postoje mnogi kozmetički preparati, na raspolaganju vam je i nekoliko namirnica koje vas čekaju kod kuće, u frižideru ili ostavi.Napravite sebi prirodne maske protiv bubuljica!

Maska od zobenih pahuljicaZobene pahuljice se koriste kako bi ublažile crvenilo nastalo od bubuljica i umirile kožu. Pomiješajte dvije žlice zobenih pahuljica s nekoliko žlica vode dok ne dobijete kašu. Probajte dodavati malo pomalo vode kako smjesa ne bi bila previše rijetka. Lice temeljito očistite, nanesite zobenu kašu i ostavite da djeluje 25 minuta. Isperite lice mlakom vodom i osušite lagano ga tapkajući ručnikom.

Maska s rajčicom – Zahvaljujući rajčici (koji je pravi rudnik antioksidansa), imat ćete lijep ten koji zrači toplinom, a ujedno ćete se riješiti masnoće s površine kože. Paradajz ogulite i zgnječite pa dodajte jušnu ​​žlicu limunovog soka. Dobro promiješajte pa smjesu nanesite na lice. Ostavite neka djeluje sve dok se ne osuši.

Homemade Simple all Natural Scrubs and Masks: Make Healthy, Quick and Easy Recipes for Face and Body Exfoliating Scrubs with Nourishing Facial Masks for Different Skin Types

Homemade Simple all Natural Scrubs and Masks: Make Healthy, Quick and Easy Recipes for Face and Body Exfoliating Scrubs with Nourishing Facial Masks for Different Skin Types

Skin is the largest and the most exposed organ of our body. It is the first line of defense of our body so the worst affected under plethora of chemical attacks due to our modern life style. If you find your skin with Pimple, Bleak heads, Acne, Irritated Dull looking and you found traces of Wrinkle formation, then the reason may be that

Your skin is not getting the proper nourishment it deserves and needed.

Its your Skin and You are Solely Responsible for its Well Being

The maximum age of our skin is 30 days. Its life cycle starts with its formation at lower skin layer called dermis After formation it moves upwards to take place of Old /dead skin cells and on completion of 30 days these cells are replaced by another set of new cell and the cycle goes on. When you are young the natural process is capable enough to complete this replacement process naturally but as you grow up this process needs some support and that support can be provided by you.
Just imagine a situation that dead skin cell are lying on the outer of your skin their bond have not broken completely with each other so they have made a web and this web will just collect and hold anything that falls on it either good or bad so increasing the accumulation of toxic material on the skin. It is blocking the pores of skin and thus hindering the supply of oxygen , hydration and extraction of harmful or waste products from the skin. And the result Black Heads , Pimples, Acne, Wrinkle irritated dull looking skin and numerous other things.
The solution is quite simple BREAK THE WEB ! SCRUB IT, Remove dead skin cells and clean the ducts i.e. pores so that the needed flow of Oxygen and nourishing material start again. By scrubbing we are forcefully clearing the surface so that the waiting new skin cells can see the world and vice versa.

After scrubbing, face pack will provide it the required nourishment and the results will Astonishing.

Different treatment is Required for different Skin types

Skin is the largest organ of human body it is soft cover provided to our body by the nature every human being has different type of skin and these type can be divided in broad categories such as Normal skin, Oily skin, Dry skin and Sensitive skin. What is good for one skin type may not be good for other skin type. This book describes the simple methods to determine your skin type

Natural Remedies to The Problems Caused By Unnatural Things

This e book is a collection of 25 Scrubs and 25 Face Masks Recipes which are different for different skin types and application of these recipes will bring back the 25 in you.

** 25 Natural Scrubs + 25 Natural Face Packs = 25 of You **

Don’t Wait Now! Remember Its your Own Skin which is at the Stake

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